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 Nature (us)
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23-06-17 (15:19)   The secrets of a top salary in science
22-06-17 (21:36)   Solar System survey casts doubt on mysterious 'Planet Nine'
22-06-17 (20:36)   US court grants Elsevier millions in damages from Sci-Hub
22-06-17 (20:05)   Air guns used in offshore oil exploration can kill tiny marine life
21-06-17 (19:36)   Modified viruses deliver death to antibiotic-resistant bacteria
21-06-17 (18:19)   China's genomics giant to make stock-market debut
21-06-17 (17:50)   New concerns raised over value of genome-wide disease studies
21-06-17 (17:05)   Protect funding for US earthquake early-warning system
21-06-17 (17:05)   New journal blacklist, palm-oil ban and the world's top supercomputers
21-06-17 (17:05)   The fight to save thousands of lives with sea-floor sensors
21-06-17 (12:36)   Track batteries degrading in real time
20-06-17 (16:19)   Don't let Europe's open-science dream drift
20-06-17 (15:19)   China cracks down on fake peer reviews
20-06-17 (14:50)   Teeth tell tale of hippo's quick spread across Africa
20-06-17 (12:36)   Heatwaves to soar above the hot air of climate politics
20-06-17 (10:36)   A year on, Brexit brings lessons in uncertainty
19-06-17 (18:50)   Ancient oak's youthful genome surprises biologists
19-06-17 (16:05)   Macron consolidates electoral victory
16-06-17 (18:19)   Swipe right for science: Papr app is 'Tinder for preprints'
16-06-17 (15:19)   Biologists debate how to license preprints
15-06-17 (21:05)   China's quantum satellite clears major hurdle on way to ultrasecure communications
14-06-17 (19:36)   Reassess dam building in the Amazon
14-06-17 (19:19)   Eye-opening picture of fetal immune system emerges
14-06-17 (17:19)   The 'time machine' reconstructing ancient Venice's social networks
14-06-17 (15:50)   Plutonium accident, ancient amber and a call to climate scientists

 Newscientist.com (us)
No sections available
25-06-17 (09:00)   Keep your stuff under lock and RFID
24-06-17 (14:00)   Living with climate change: Convincing the sceptics
24-06-17 (12:00)   Can heightened empathy be a bad thing?
23-06-17 (18:14)   Synthetic iris could let cameras react to light like our eyes do
23-06-17 (18:00)   Living with climate change: You can make a difference
23-06-17 (18:00)   Uranus's crooked, messy magnetic field might open and shut daily
23-06-17 (18:00)   Amputees control avatar by imagining moving their missing limbs
23-06-17 (14:00)   Living with climate change: How to cope in a warmer world
23-06-17 (13:29)   Google's multitasking neural net can juggle eight things at once
22-06-17 (21:00)   Bird eggs may be shaped by the way their mother flies
22-06-17 (20:14)   If you want to be a mega philanthropist Jeff Bezos, take note
22-06-17 (20:00)   Win the do-it-yourself computer kit that anyone can build
22-06-17 (19:43)   Trump's wise monkey environment plan: See no evil, hear no evil
22-06-17 (19:00)   Special cells explain why cabbage and stress churn your guts
22-06-17 (19:00)   Google on track for quantum computer breakthrough by end of 2017
22-06-17 (18:29)   Italy's drying lakes imperil rare shrimp species found only here
22-06-17 (18:29)   Weird amphibians found at record depth in dark underground lake
22-06-17 (18:00)   Living with climate change: Turning the corner
22-06-17 (17:00)   Oil-exploration airguns punch 2-kilometre-wide holes in plankton
22-06-17 (17:00)   Living with climate change: Can we limit global warming to 2°C?
22-06-17 (13:14)   Escape to the future with virtual reality
22-06-17 (11:00)   Volunteers teach AI to spot slavery sites from satellite images
22-06-17 (10:00)   Radio powered by your own sweat hints at future of wearables 
22-06-17 (02:14)   Don't blame Instagram for the rise of botox and lip fillers
21-06-17 (20:00)   Smoking is finally dying out among young people in the UK and US

 Reuters (us)
section: Science
24-06-17 (09:49)   (Science) Bulgaria's first communications satellite launched into orbit
23-06-17 (08:32)   (Science) India sends 31 satellites into space, some for foreign customers
22-06-17 (01:32)   (Science) Senate healthcare bill expected to cut back Medicaid expansion
22-06-17 (00:03)   (Science) U.S. total solar eclipse sparks spectator excitement
21-06-17 (18:56)   (Science) After weeks of secrecy, Senate to unveil healthcare bill
21-06-17 (18:49)   (Science) British forest pumped full of CO2 to test tree absorption
21-06-17 (18:10)   (Science) Scientists rescue samples of melting Bolivian glacier for posterity
21-06-17 (07:10)   (Science) Drugmaker Mylan gets boost from unlikely source: coal
20-06-17 (17:56)   (Science) Worldwide drug sale forecasts fall as pricing pressures mount
19-06-17 (23:03)   (Science) Kepler telescope finds 10 more possible life-friendly planets
19-06-17 (09:49)   (Science) Exclusive: Ahead of Modi visit, U.S. lawmakers ask India to rethink price cap on stents
19-06-17 (01:18)   (Science) New test may turn AZ's Lynparza into precision drug for prostate cancer
16-06-17 (23:25)   (Science) Worldwide, more than 10 percent of young teens are smokers
16-06-17 (19:32)   (Science) Sleeping-in on weekends linked to lower body weight
16-06-17 (17:18)   (Science) Trump's coal plan sends U.S. energy "back to the past": Vatican
16-06-17 (12:03)   (Science) China to vaccinate poultry against H7N9 bird flu next month
16-06-17 (10:18)   (Science) China's quantum satellite makes breakthrough in secure communications
15-06-17 (19:10)   (Science) U.S. youth tobacco use in 2016 fell by largest amount in 6 years
15-06-17 (13:10)   (Science) Senate may keep some Obamacare taxes in U.S. healthcare overhaul
14-06-17 (20:56)   (Science) Pfizer, Roche and Aspen face South African probe into cancer drug prices
13-06-17 (19:56)   (Science) Trump hosts lunch with Republican senators, Obamacare repeal on menu
12-06-17 (17:10)   (Science) Supreme Court speeds copycat biologic drugs to market
11-06-17 (19:49)   (Science) NASA experiment to color the skies over the U.S. East Coast
11-06-17 (18:03)   (Science) Roche CEO still optimistic on new breast cancer drug
08-06-17 (21:18)   (Science) Zika affects 5 percent of babies with confirmed infections: CDC

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 CNN News:
- 60 London high-rises fail fire safety tests after Grenfell disaster
- 3 trials, 0 convictions in fatal police shootings
- Opinion: 4-year-old gives her mom 'The Talk'
- 'Don't ... get shooted,' girl begged mom
- Burned Quran left outside California mosque
- Health scares and rehab for once-conjoined boys
- Police chase wild boar in Hong Kong
- Azerbaijan GP: Ricciardo wins after F1 title rivals clash
- Pakistan oil tanker truck explosion kills scores
- Trump: 'Bothersome' that Mueller is 'good friends' with Comey

- Keep your stuff under lock and RFID
- Living with climate change: Convincing the sceptics
- Can heightened empathy be a bad thing?
- Synthetic iris could let cameras react to light like our eyes do
- Living with climate change: You can make a difference
- Uranus's crooked, messy magnetic field might open and shut daily
- Amputees control avatar by imagining moving their missing limbs
- Living with climate change: How to cope in a warmer world
- Google's multitasking neural net can juggle eight things at once
- Bird eggs may be shaped by the way their mother flies

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