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 Reuters (us)
section: Inland
25-06-17 (20:18)   (Inland) U.S. top court to rule on last cases as talk about Kennedy swirls
25-06-17 (03:03)   (Inland) U.S. judge asked to expand order blocking Iraqis' deportation
25-06-17 (00:10)   (Inland) Texas mother charged in deaths of toddlers left in hot car
24-06-17 (20:18)   (Inland) Florida block party shooting leaves one dead, four wounded
24-06-17 (04:49)   (Inland) U.S. Marine Corps to resume F-35 operations a day after suspension at Arizona base
24-06-17 (04:25)   (Inland) Representative Scalise, wounded in Virginia shooting, is out of ICU
24-06-17 (04:10)   (Inland) Former Vanderbilt football player found guilty of rape
24-06-17 (04:10)   (Inland) Gunman in California UPS shooting targeted co-workers for slayings
24-06-17 (03:03)   (Inland) Judge orders release of Uzbek suspect on terror charges
24-06-17 (01:25)   (Inland) At women-only salon in Brooklyn, Muslim-Americans prepare for Eid
24-06-17 (01:10)   (Inland) U.S. government narrows focus of counter-extremism program
24-06-17 (00:56)   (Inland) Reputed New York gangster released from prison at age 100
24-06-17 (00:39)   (Inland) Judge orders two Wisconsin youth detention centers to improve conditions
24-06-17 (00:18)   (Inland) Ex-lottery worker has Iowa conviction voided, still faces prison
23-06-17 (23:49)   (Inland) Pentagon weighs possible delay in new transgender recruits
23-06-17 (23:49)   (Inland) Illinois governor signs bill targeting repeat gun offenders
23-06-17 (23:39)   (Inland) Convicted felon Jack Abramoff registers to return to lobbying
23-06-17 (23:03)   (Inland) Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says 'no'
23-06-17 (23:03)   (Inland) Trump administration sides with Texas on sanctuary city law court fight
23-06-17 (22:18)   (Inland) U.S. approves sale of drones to India: General Atomics
23-06-17 (22:18)   (Inland) U.S. Muslim group launches cellphone app to report hate crimes
23-06-17 (21:18)   (Inland) Second mistrial declared in killing of black man by ex-Cincinnati cop
23-06-17 (20:49)   (Inland) Supreme Court limits rights of property owners
23-06-17 (18:18)   (Inland) NBC's NY television reporter Gabe Pressman dies at 93
23-06-17 (17:39)   (Inland) What does Italy's Berlusconi like about Trump? His wife
23-06-17 (16:39)   (Inland) U.S. top court sides with immigrant over faulty legal advice
23-06-17 (15:10)   (Inland) U.S. prosecutors seek 35 years in prison for meningitis outbreak exec
23-06-17 (02:49)   (Inland) Senate Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement bill, but fate uncertain
23-06-17 (02:49)   (Inland) Judge accepts sweeping reforms of Arizona death penalty protocols
23-06-17 (02:25)   (Inland) Judge in Michigan blocks deportation of 100 Iraqis

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