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 Reuters (us)
section: Inland
20-10-17 (22:25)   (Inland) Lawyer charged alongside Martin Shkreli goes on trial
20-10-17 (22:25)   (Inland) Creditors win closely watched appeal in Momentive bankruptcy
20-10-17 (22:03)   (Inland) U.S. court hears arguments over immigrant detainee's abortion access
20-10-17 (22:03)   (Inland) Oil barge explosion off Texas kills one, fire now out
20-10-17 (21:25)   (Inland) Three charged in shooting after white nationalist's Florida speech
20-10-17 (20:49)   (Inland) U.S. judge wrestles with issue of Indonesian immigrants
20-10-17 (20:32)   (Inland) Pharmacist's 'deadly' choices sparked U.S. meningitis outbreak: prosecutors
20-10-17 (18:49)   (Inland) Merck to cut 1,800 U.S. sales jobs, add 960 in chronic care
20-10-17 (18:49)   (Inland) Tech companies to lobby for immigrant 'Dreamers' to remain in U.S.
20-10-17 (18:25)   (Inland) Merck to cut 1,800 U.S. sales jobs, add 960 jobs in chronic care
20-10-17 (18:10)   (Inland) Crude oil barge explodes off Texas, two missing -U.S. Coast Guard
20-10-17 (16:18)   (Inland) Prosecutors seek pharmacist's conviction over U.S. meningitis outbreak
20-10-17 (15:39)   (Inland) Trump launches petition against NFL players' anthem protests
20-10-17 (15:18)   (Inland) EPA abandons changes to U.S. biofuel program after lawmaker pressure
20-10-17 (14:10)   (Inland) EPA abandons changes to renewable fuel program after lawmaker pressure: letter
20-10-17 (12:32)   (Inland) Trial wraps up for pharmacist in deadly U.S. meningitis outbreak
20-10-17 (12:18)   (Inland) Fate of New Hampshire Indonesians goes before U.S. judge in Boston
20-10-17 (09:49)   (Inland) 'Underwear bomber' sues U.S. Justice Department over rights
20-10-17 (07:18)   (Inland) Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. hospitals
20-10-17 (05:39)   (Inland) Alabama executes man convicted of murdering police officer
20-10-17 (05:25)   (Inland) Alabama executes man convicted or murdering police officer
20-10-17 (04:10)   (Inland) Notable municipal bankruptcy lawyer talks shop to Hartford taxpayers
20-10-17 (04:03)   (Inland) Exclusive: Tech companies to lobby for immigrant 'Dreamers' to remain in U.S.
20-10-17 (03:49)   (Inland) Obama blasts 'politics of division' on return to campaign trail
20-10-17 (03:49)   (Inland) Supreme Court clears way for Alabama execution of convicted killer
20-10-17 (02:10)   (Inland) Alabama moves closer to planned Thursday execution of convicted killer
20-10-17 (01:39)   (Inland) Protesters to white nationalist speaker at University of Florida: 'Go home Nazis'
20-10-17 (01:10)   (Inland) White House says rollback of Obamacare must be part of short-term fix
20-10-17 (00:49)   (Inland) Obama urges New Jersey voters to reject 'politics of division'
20-10-17 (00:49)   (Inland) Trump concludes Fed chair interviews, could decide next week: source

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- Quebec bars people with face coverings from getting public services
- About 1 million Americans without running water. 3 million without power. This is life one month after Hurricane Maria.
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