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 Reuters (us)
section: World
24-05-17 (05:03)   (World) Australian police did not act fast enough to deadly siege: coroner
24-05-17 (04:56)   (World) Philippines' Duterte warns terrorists: 'I'll be harsh'
24-05-17 (04:39)   (World) South Korea military suspects object crossing border was North Korean balloon
24-05-17 (02:49)   (World) Qatar says its official state news agency was hacked
24-05-17 (00:10)   (World) Camrail 'mainly to blame' for Cameroon train crash that killed 79: inquiry
24-05-17 (00:03)   (World) Trump arrives in Italy to meet Pope Francis, Italian leaders
23-05-17 (23:49)   (World) Bahrain security forces raid home of Shi'ite spiritual leader
23-05-17 (23:32)   (World) British police name suicide bomber, threat level raised to critical
23-05-17 (23:03)   (World) Philippines needs modern arms to fight ISIS, Duterte tells Putin
23-05-17 (22:49)   (World) Kurdish independence in Iraq likely 'not if but when': U.S. general
23-05-17 (22:39)   (World) Uber driver charged with kidnapping, assault of woman in Canada
23-05-17 (22:32)   (World) U.S. rejects talks with Hungary over higher education law
23-05-17 (22:25)   (World) China urges North Korea talks, skirts questions on U.S. sanctions push
23-05-17 (21:49)   (World) Egypt detains ex-presidential candidate, latest in arrest series
23-05-17 (21:49)   (World) Brazil energy minister says he has no plan to resign amid crisis
23-05-17 (21:39)   (World) South Korea fires at suspected drone at border with North amid missile crisis
23-05-17 (21:32)   (World) Myanmar's Suu Kyi seeks to revive peace process with fresh talks
23-05-17 (20:56)   (World) Turkey jails two hunger strikers pending trial
23-05-17 (20:56)   (World) Germany's Schaeuble wants creative ways to build stronger EU
23-05-17 (20:49)   (World) Exclusive: Russia refusing to send some rail freight to Latvia - sources
23-05-17 (20:49)   (World) Trump promotes his goal of Middle East peace, offers no details
23-05-17 (20:32)   (World) Multiple U.S. troops injured in Yemen raid: Pentagon
23-05-17 (20:03)   (World) Germany defends post-war achievements of its scandal-hit army
23-05-17 (19:32)   (World) Suicide bomber kills five in Somalia's northern Puntland region
23-05-17 (19:18)   (World) Myanmar's highest Buddhist authority bars radical nationalist group
23-05-17 (19:10)   (World) French unions urge Macron not to rush through labor reform
23-05-17 (19:03)   (World) U.S. envoy endorses Libya's U.N.-backed government, in flying visit to Tripoli
23-05-17 (18:56)   (World) Philippines leader declares martial law on southern island as fighting rages
23-05-17 (18:39)   (World) Trump to host Vietnam's prime minister on May 31: White House
23-05-17 (18:32)   (World) U.S., EU meet on aviation security as Europe braces for laptop ban

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