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 Reuters (us)
section: World
26-04-17 (21:32)   (World) Turkish army, Kurdish militia exchange fire across Syria border
26-04-17 (21:18)   (World) U.S. may need stronger defense against North Korea missiles: admiral
26-04-17 (21:03)   (World) French intelligence says Assad forces carried out sarin attack
26-04-17 (21:03)   (World) 10 Iranian guards killed at Pakistani border, Tasnim news agency reports
26-04-17 (19:49)   (World) Russia, ahead of planned protest, bans Kremlin critic's foundation
26-04-17 (19:39)   (World) Striking workers give France's Macron rough reception in factory visit
26-04-17 (19:39)   (World) Guernica survivors meet bombers' descendants 80 years on
26-04-17 (19:18)   (World) U.S. admiral sees new South China Sea freedom of navigation operations
26-04-17 (19:18)   (World) Ugandan court sends jailed Museveni critic back to prison
26-04-17 (19:10)   (World) Injured Venezuela protesters face another woe: finding medicine
26-04-17 (19:03)   (World) Hungary's Orban fights back after EU case over Soros university
26-04-17 (18:39)   (World) Yemen govt seeks U.N. oversight of port: prime minister
26-04-17 (17:49)   (World) Nearly half of Russians want PM Medvedev to quit, says poll
26-04-17 (17:32)   (World) Ex Knights of Malta head defies pope order, plans Rome return
26-04-17 (17:32)   (World) Anti-Putin protesters get a smart phone app to help get out of jail
26-04-17 (17:18)   (World) Israel's 'Checkpoint Q': a daily hurdle for Palestinians
26-04-17 (17:10)   (World) Italy's 5-Star builds policies and poll lead as rivals struggle
26-04-17 (17:03)   (World) Swiss cabinet proposes yes-or-no vote on immigration curbs
26-04-17 (16:49)   (World) Islamic State developing new weapons despite losses: arms monitor
26-04-17 (16:32)   (World) Israel, White House discussing Trump visit: Israeli official
26-04-17 (16:03)   (World) India, Afghanistan gave help to Pakistani Taliban, says group's ex-spokesman
26-04-17 (15:56)   (World) For some Mosul men, escape leads straight to the interrogator
26-04-17 (15:56)   (World) Zambian court refuses to throw out opposition leader's treason charge
26-04-17 (15:49)   (World) Russia says U.S. missile strike on Syria was a threat to its forces
26-04-17 (15:49)   (World) British PM May's Conservatives take 23 point poll lead, matching Thatcher landslide: Ipsos MORI
26-04-17 (15:49)   (World) EU ponders stronger social protection as populist wave rises
26-04-17 (15:10)   (World) Saudi Arabia says foils bombing attempt on Aramco fuel distribution terminal
26-04-17 (14:56)   (World) Russian military MiG-31 fighter jet crashes in Siberia: agencies
26-04-17 (14:32)   (World) Exclusive: Uzbek president sidelines member of ruling triumvirate - sources
26-04-17 (14:32)   (World) Exclusive: China seeks to cement globalization credentials at Silk Road summit

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- Netflix's 'Dear White People' passes the test with flying colors
- The 'Prison Break' reunion you were waiting for finally happened
- Chobani sues Alex Jones for disparaging claims about refugee workers
- Attorney says racial discrimination lawsuit against Fox 'will continue to grow'
- Trump calls for dramatic tax cuts
- What's Trump actually done in 97 days?
- White House unveils tax cuts
- Brazilian keeper convicted of murder ordered back to jail
- Beyoncé's announces four college scholarships for women
- Pope pays rent on beach for disabled

- Chimps pass on sponge drinking trick like a family tradition
- Crunch time for bitcoin as it faces last chance to go mainstream
- We still haven't heard from aliens - here's why we might never
- Infrared telescope spots mystery flare-ups in distant galaxies
- First Americans may have been Neanderthals 130,000 years ago
- Wild bears do the twist to communicate through smelly footprints
- All mammals big or small take about 12 seconds to defecate
- Melting moons could support liveable atmospheres for aeons
- Seabed images show the scars icebergs carve into polar sea floor
- Amazon rainforest under threat as Brazil tears up protections

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