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12-07 (20:19)  This kids' brain cancer is incurable — but immune therapy holds promise
12-07 (19:19)  What Twisters gets right — and wrong — about tornado science
12-07 (15:36)  Microbiologist wins case against university over harassment during COVID
12-07 (15:36)  Pension planning and psychosocial support: how institutions can help academics at the late career stage
12-07 (15:36)  Daily briefing: The mystery man at the centre of the Human Genome Project
12-07 (15:36)  Daily briefing: Older people's existing immunity could shape an H5N1 pandemic
12-07 (14:19)  Maggie Aderin-Pocock on diversity: 'It's hard to find an argument against it'
12-07 (13:19)  The Napoleonic tweets, Books in brief
12-07 (03:19)  Bird flu could become a human pandemic. How are countries preparing?
11-07 (22:19)  Blowout! Satellites reveal one of the largest methane leaks on record
11-07 (20:19)  The Spinoff Prize 2024
11-07 (20:19)  Most accurate clock in history made by 'quieting' atoms
11-07 (20:19)  A Trojan horse for thirsty tumours
11-07 (20:19)  A light-touch approach to intracellular delivery
11-07 (20:19)  Contenders for The Spinoff Prize 2024
11-07 (20:19)  Infrared spectrometry guides cancer treatment
11-07 (20:19)  Saliva-based tests offer an alternative to nasal swabbing
11-07 (18:36)  De novo variants in the RNU4-2 snRNA cause a frequent neurodevelopmental syndrome
11-07 (18:36)  First fossil chromosomes discovered in freeze-dried mammoth skin
11-07 (16:19)  Author Correction: A new antibiotic traps lipopolysaccharide in its intermembrane transporter
11-07 (16:19)  Author Correction: A novel antibiotic class targeting the lipopolysaccharide transporter
11-07 (15:36)  High-resolution atlas of the developing, adult and diseased human brain vasculature
11-07 (14:19)  Wine grapes' sweetness reveals Europe's climate history
11-07 (14:19)  Breastfeeding should break down mothers' bones — here's why it doesn't
11-07 (13:19)  Author Correction: Nano-achiral complex composites for extreme polarization optics
11-07 (12:19)  This lab-grown meat probably tastes like real beef
11-07 (11:19)  Daily briefing: Zircons rewrite history of plate tectonics
10-07 (22:05)  Serious errors plague DNA tool that's a workhorse of biology
10-07 (19:05)  How the watermelon got its sweet taste and rosy hue
10-07 (19:05)  Massive cicada emergence prompted raccoons to run wild
10-07 (18:05)  These period pads solidify blood to prevent leaks
10-07 (18:05)  How anti-obesity drugs cause nausea: finding offers hope for better drugs
10-07 (18:05)  Scientists edit the genes of gut bacteria in living mice
10-07 (18:05)  The quantum transition of the two-dimensional Ising spin glass
10-07 (18:05)  A liver immune rheostat regulates CD8 T cell immunity in chronic HBV infection
10-07 (18:05)  CryoET of β-amyloid and tau within postmortem Alzheimer's disease brain
10-07 (18:05)  Dissociable hindbrain GLP1R circuits for satiety and aversion
10-07 (18:05)  Plasticity in single-crystalline Mg3Bi2 thermoelectric material
10-07 (18:05)  Plasmacytoid dendritic cells control homeostasis of megakaryopoiesis
10-07 (18:05)  Brainstem Dbh+ neurons control allergen-induced airway hyperreactivity
10-07 (18:05)  Interferon subverts an AHR-JUN axis to promote CXCL13+ T cells in lupus
10-07 (18:05)  Deeper and stronger North Atlantic Gyre during the Last Glacial Maximum
10-07 (18:05)  Fast-moving stars around an intermediate-mass black hole in ω Centauri
10-07 (18:05)  Cellular adaptation to cancer therapy along a resistance continuum
10-07 (18:05)  Tumour vasculature at single-cell resolution
10-07 (18:05)  A maternal brain hormone that builds bone
10-07 (18:05)  In situ targeted base editing of bacteria in the mouse gut
10-07 (18:05)  An enterococcal phage-derived enzyme suppresses graft-versus-host disease
10-07 (18:05)  Alveolar fibroblast lineage orchestrates lung inflammation and fibrosis
10-07 (18:05)  Antiferromagnetic phase transition in a 3D fermionic Hubbard model
10-07 (18:05)  Phage anti-CRISPR control by an RNA- and DNA-binding helix-turn-helix protein
10-07 (18:05)  Airborne DNA reveals predictable spatial and seasonal dynamics of fungi
10-07 (18:05)  Single-cell atlas of the human brain vasculature across development, adulthood and disease
10-07 (18:05)  Repeated plague infections across six generations of Neolithic Farmers
10-07 (18:05)  Glutamate acts on acid-sensing ion channels to worsen ischaemic brain injury
10-07 (18:05)  Magnetic field expulsion in optically driven YBa2Cu3O6.48
10-07 (18:05)  Emergence of large-scale cell death through ferroptotic trigger waves
10-07 (18:05)  Waves of ferroptotic cell death sculpt embryonic tissue
10-07 (18:05)  Multiple plague outbreaks in a Neolithic family give clues to prehistoric population dip
10-07 (18:05)  Speedy stars blow the cover of hidden black hole
10-07 (18:05)  Stars hint at an unusual black hole lurking in our Galaxy
10-07 (18:05)  Alzheimer's plaques and tangles revealed by 3D microscopy
10-07 (18:05)  AI & robotics briefing: How to beat 'superhuman' AI
10-07 (14:50)  Some photos you might like
10-07 (13:50)  Edward C. Stone obituary: physicist who guided Voyager probes to interstellar space
09-07 (19:50)  If bird flu sparks a human pandemic, your past immunity could help
09-07 (18:50)  Storm-chasing seabirds served supper by cyclones
09-07 (17:50)  Author Correction: Obesity induces PD-1 on macrophages to suppress anti-tumour immunity
09-07 (17:50)  Iran elects heart surgeon as president: scientists are hopeful
09-07 (17:50)  Ultracold molecules that interact from afar form elusive quantum state
09-07 (16:50)  Vaccines save lives: how can uptake be increased?
09-07 (15:50)  How mud brought France and England together — 150 years ago
09-07 (15:50)  Huge neutrino detector sees first hints of particles from exploding stars
09-07 (15:50)  Daily briefing: 15-minute reaction turns old clothes into useful molecules
09-07 (14:50)  Canada just hiked PhD and postdoc pay — here's how to get your country to do it, too
09-07 (13:50)  Chiral perovskites deliver spin control to a conventional semiconductor
09-07 (12:50)  Publisher Correction: Titanium:sapphire-on-insulator integrated lasers and amplifiers
09-07 (11:50)  To explain biological sex, look to evolution
09-07 (11:50)  Regulate to protect fragile Antarctic ecosystems from growing tourism
09-07 (11:50)  More studies needed on how climate change affects exercise health benefits
09-07 (10:50)  How PhD students and other academics are fighting the mental-health crisis in science
09-07 (10:50)  Daily briefing: Spinal fluid causes aural migraine pain, suggests research in mice
08-07 (19:36)  ITER delay: what it means for nuclear fusion
08-07 (18:36)  Can AI be superhuman? Flaws in top gaming bot cast doubt
08-07 (18:36)  Ex-Meta scientists debut gigantic AI protein design model
08-07 (17:50)  Hydrogen sulfide and metal-enriched atmosphere for a Jupiter-mass exoplanet
08-07 (17:50)  Pathogenicity and transmissibility of bovine H5N1 influenza virus
08-07 (17:50)  Two-dimensional Perovskitoids Enhance Stability in Perovskite Solar Cells
08-07 (16:36)  COVID tsar Patrick Vallance appointed UK science minister
08-07 (16:36)  Daily briefing: Heavy-lift rocket restores Europe's access to space
08-07 (14:36)  Why I work to revive the Tasmanian tiger
08-07 (14:36)  How can I break into industry if my CV keeps disappearing into a black hole?
08-07 (14:36)  Scientists relieved by far-right defeat in French election — but they still face uncertainty
08-07 (13:50)  How conspiracies took root in our culture
08-07 (11:50)  Harrowing trends: how endangered-species researchers find hope in the dark
05-07 (18:36)  "Who am I if not a scientist?" How to find identity and purpose in retirement
05-07 (18:36)  Kyoto review: 'thrilling' play shows fight for landmark climate treaty
05-07 (17:19)  UK election: scientists welcome Labour's landslide win
05-07 (14:19)  What causes migraines? Study of 'brain blackout' offers clues
05-07 (11:19)  Blooming plants and sunken cities, Books in brief

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