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25-02 (14:43)  This Idea is Brilliant: writing about knowing
25-02 (14:43)  Knife-wielding robot makes it a piece of cake to divide dessert
24-02 (16:29)  Transmediale digital arts: The internet's impossible paradox
23-02 (19:00)  Weird particle soup may have formed stars in the early universe
23-02 (19:00)  Green is the new black: Redesigning clothes to save the planet
23-02 (19:00)  Feedback: Some cows are pessimists, just like us
23-02 (19:00)  We may be overdue a massive war, says a statistical analysis
23-02 (19:00)  Eating fish as a child seems to protect you from hay fever
23-02 (19:00)  Having children may add 11 years to a woman's biological age
23-02 (01:00)  Miniature personalised tumours could help you get the best chemo
23-02 (01:00)  Neanderthals made the oldest cave art in the world
22-02 (18:43)  Can you predict the future? Take our Oscars quiz to find out
22-02 (18:29)  Why do firms like Uber and Citymapper keep reinventing buses?
22-02 (18:29)  Bats spread Ebola because they've evolved not to fight viruses
22-02 (17:29)  There's an alt-right alt-Twitter and it's filled with hate
22-02 (16:14)  How a bat's hairy tongue lets it suck up nectar like a sponge
22-02 (14:29)  Almost every antidepressant headline you'll read today is wrong
22-02 (13:14)  Work the crowd: How ordinary people can predict the future
22-02 (13:14)  First speakers announced for New Scientist Live 2018
22-02 (12:00)  Cycling in later life makes you less likely to have a bad fall
22-02 (12:00)  Ancient 'dark-skinned' Briton Cheddar Man find may not be true
21-02 (22:14)  Sea urchins can drill holes in solid rock with just their teeth
21-02 (22:14)  When it comes to climate change, a tantrum is just what we need
21-02 (22:14)  We do not know for sure how dark or light Cheddar Man's skin was
21-02 (22:14)  Trigger warnings are taking over universities, but do they work?
21-02 (22:14)  France wants to have 500 wolves roaming its countryside
21-02 (22:14)  We can now squeeze a molecule and turn it into one that we want
21-02 (18:00)  Rock dusting on farms could cool the climate, so let's try it
21-02 (17:00)  Huge underwater landslides and tsunamis may be caused by ooze
21-02 (13:14)  The tamed ape: were humans the first animal to be domesticated?
20-02 (19:00)  How you speak predicts if psychedelic therapy will help you
20-02 (18:43)  Why big pharma might pay cryptocurrency for your DNA
20-02 (18:14)  Bunnies draped in fake polar bear fur are both cosy and stealthy
20-02 (18:14)  Cyclone Gita hits New Zealand after hammering Tonga
20-02 (18:14)  Mystery honeycombs in rock may be created by water and salt
20-02 (15:14)  Technology firms must develop new ways to jam Russia's fake news
20-02 (12:43)  Mute male crickets are still trying to serenade females
20-02 (10:00)  We all need to take our heads out of the sand
20-02 (10:00)  Drone captures humpback whales catching krill with bubbles
19-02 (21:00)  We're evolving a gene that may stop us from drinking alcohol
19-02 (15:00)  Electric eel-inspired batteries could power life-long pacemakers
19-02 (15:00)  Flu is evolving in new and unpredictable ways in China's poultry
19-02 (15:00)  Real-life Lord of the Flies experiment led us up the warpath
19-02 (12:29)  Should we revisit ethically dubious experiments from the past?
19-02 (10:14)  Mute crickets can't chirp but rub their wings together anyway
18-02 (23:29)  Our cities are driving evolution and it's not all bad news
18-02 (23:29)  Long haul with a free conscience
17-02 (18:14)  Electronic skin animates heartbeat on the back of your hand
17-02 (18:14)  William Harvey: The delightful inside story of blood
17-02 (05:00)  Quantum computer could have predicted Trump's surprise election
17-02 (05:00)  Facebook may guess millions of people's sexuality to sell ads
16-02 (13:43)  Dirty talk: How pollution is snuffing out plants' scent messages
16-02 (13:43)  Will a new wave of smart glasses make us 'glassholes' again?
16-02 (13:43)  Feedback: Does a robot in robes make a mechanical priest?
16-02 (10:43)  We thought gorillas only walked on their knuckles. We were wrong
16-02 (00:29)  Three photons stick together to create a new form of light
16-02 (00:29)  Shampoo is causing air pollution, but let's not lose our heads
15-02 (18:14)  People are slaughtering orangutans and wiping them out
15-02 (18:14)  CRISPR has fixed the genetic cause of a learning disability
15-02 (18:14)  Stem cells zapped with radiation can protect mice from cancer
15-02 (18:14)  Bats' hairy tongues are perfectly adapted for lapping up nectar
15-02 (18:14)  Surgical instruments may spread Alzheimer's proteins
15-02 (13:00)  World without sand: The race to save a precious resource
15-02 (13:00)  Meet the mafias making buckets of cash from illegal sand
15-02 (13:00)  Virtual reality walking stick tutors blind people to cross roads
15-02 (10:43)  How clever biochemistry is tackling HIV
14-02 (19:43)  Cape Town is about to run out of water ? how did this happen?
14-02 (18:00)  Oceans on alien worlds may form when the air explodes in flames
14-02 (18:00)  Drone dogfight crowns a winner in the battle against rogue UAVs
14-02 (18:00)  Face-recognition software is perfect ? if you're a white man
14-02 (13:00)  Quantum time machine: How the future can change what happens now
14-02 (12:43)  Transgender woman is first to be able to breastfeed her baby
14-02 (12:14)  Valentine's Day seems to cause a mini baby-boom 9 months later
14-02 (12:14)  China's reckless attitude to space debris needs to change
14-02 (02:14)  Ants care for wounded comrades by licking their wounds clean
13-02 (19:14)  Opioid painkillers are prescribed more in northern England
13-02 (19:00)  A single atom is visible to the naked eye in this stunning photo
13-02 (19:00)  Skincare science is frivolous and warrants attack, right? Wrong
13-02 (19:00)  Expedition to uncover hidden life in mystery Antarctic realm
13-02 (10:14)  Delicate solar panels of Martian lander are tested before launch
13-02 (10:14)  NASA may lose a major space telescope and space station funding
12-02 (18:29)  Super-accurate atomic clock used in real world for first time
12-02 (16:00)  Australia's deadly 1800s storms help us predict future extremes
12-02 (13:29)  The doctor who exposed the UK's terrible experiments on patients
12-02 (11:43)  Big tech is unpopular, but we mostly have ourselves to blame
11-02 (15:00)  What is our place in the natural world?
10-02 (12:43)  Life lessons: The tiny neuro-gadgets rebuilding our bodies
09-02 (20:29)  Dark matter could be produced by twisted gravitational waves
09-02 (20:29)  This record-breaking photo was taken from 6 billion km away
09-02 (20:29)  Birds 'dream sing' by moving their vocal muscles in their sleep
09-02 (20:29)  We should use nukes to deflect asteroids, says astro algorithm
09-02 (16:00)  Is the quantum computer revolution really just five years away?
09-02 (16:00)  The survivors: Is climate change really killing polar bears?
09-02 (16:00)  Deadly superbugs are evolving to beat alcohol hand sanitisers
09-02 (16:00)  We need to start taking vaping seriously as a way to save lives
09-02 (13:29)  Feedback: Botoxed camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest
09-02 (13:29)  Primitive human eggs matured in the lab for the first time
08-02 (23:14)  First glimpse of how genes may cause mental health problems
08-02 (23:14)  Oldest dog burial suggests prehistoric humans loved dogs as pets
08-02 (23:14)  App guesses your emotions to target you with adverts

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- This Idea is Brilliant: writing about knowing
- Knife-wielding robot makes it a piece of cake to divide dessert
- Transmediale digital arts: The internet's impossible paradox
- Weird particle soup may have formed stars in the early universe
- Green is the new black: Redesigning clothes to save the planet
- Feedback: Some cows are pessimists, just like us
- We may be overdue a massive war, says a statistical analysis
- Eating fish as a child seems to protect you from hay fever
- Having children may add 11 years to a woman's biological age
- Miniature personalised tumours could help you get the best chemo

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