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  Washington Times (us)          
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16-06 (15:45)  Tracy Stone-Manning, Biden public-lands pick, runs into GOP buzz saw over links to timber sabotage
16-06 (15:45)  How critical race theory grew from law school thesis to K-12 trend: 'Revolutionizing a culture'
16-06 (15:45)  China offers glimpse of Tibetan life without the Dalai Lama
16-06 (15:30)  Chris Paul's status for Western Conference finals in jeopardy after entering COVID-19 protocols
16-06 (14:45)  Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin arrive for high-profile summit at Geneva villa
16-06 (12:45)  Loan relief granted to former for-profit college students
16-06 (12:45)  Greenpeace apologizes, local police slam Euro 2020 protester
16-06 (11:45)  Smartphone smugglers: How social media is reshaping border crime
16-06 (11:45)  At G-7, Biden is slow, confused and seemingly dazed
16-06 (05:30)  Gomes, Corbin lead Nationals; Pirates lose 9th straight
16-06 (04:59)  Washington Times wins four local SPJ awards
16-06 (04:59)  Israel launches airstrikes in Gaza after incendiary balloon attacks
16-06 (03:30)  Bradley Beal earns third-team All-NBA selection
16-06 (02:59)  Father's Day Gift Guide: Best 4K, Blu-ray and DVD movies
16-06 (02:30)  Katie Ledecky remains dominant in U.S. as bigger challenge awaits in Tokyo
16-06 (02:30)  Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka keep distance on U.S. Open tee sheet
16-06 (02:30)  Christian Eriksen sends public thank you message from hospital
16-06 (01:59)  Charles Barkley to leave 'Inside the NBA,' blames cancel culture: 'We can't even have fun any more'
16-06 (01:59)  Adm. Michael Gilday defends Critical Race Theory for sailors, stays mum on anti-White HIV conspiracy
16-06 (01:45)  Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar Jan. 6 Capitol riot complaints dropped by House ethics committee
16-06 (01:16)  Phil Mickelson at home and running out of time for U.S. Open title
16-06 (00:45)  Marjorie Taylor Greene fails to convince 'The View' co-hosts with apology for Holocaust comparisons
16-06 (00:45)  Donald Trump to visit U.S.-Mexico border
16-06 (00:45)  Biden suspension of new oil, gas leases blocked by federal judge
16-06 (00:45)  Hogan: State-mandated COVID-19 restrictions end July 1 in Maryland
16-06 (00:45)  U.S. soldiers charged with migrant smuggling
15-06 (23:45)  Biden picks Israel, Mexico ambassadors; names 'Sully' an envoy
15-06 (23:45)  Kamala Harris tells 'Dreamers' that she'll do everything in her power to protect their status
15-06 (23:45)  Liberal media bias gets global condemnation
15-06 (23:45)  Pelosi vows to launch a Democrat-run Jan. 6 probe: 'We can't wait any longer'
15-06 (23:45)  China: United with Russia 'like a mountain' ahead of Biden-Putin summit
15-06 (23:45)  Lawmakers push to block funds from researchers compromised by China
15-06 (23:30)  Max Scherzer placed on the 10-day injured list with groin problem
15-06 (22:45)  Judge OKs Weinstein's extradition for California rape case
15-06 (22:45)  Asian Americans' Supreme Court case against Harvard affirmative-action ropes in Biden administration
15-06 (22:45)  Merrick Garland details domestic-terrorism crackdown
15-06 (22:45)  Kevin Hart blasts cancel culture mobs: 'Shut the f--- up!'
15-06 (22:45)  Biden urged to press Putin on jailed Marine veterans at Geneva summit
15-06 (22:45)  Jon Lovitz: Cancel culture 'no different than McCarthyism'
15-06 (22:16)  Scott Brooks' future with Wizards remains in limbo. Is that a bad sign?
15-06 (22:16)  MLB cracks down on foreign substances with threat of 10-game suspensions
15-06 (21:45)  Boris Johnson ducks 'Catholic question,' blasts atheist Keith Starmer as 'fool'
15-06 (21:45)  U.S. tops 600,000 lives lost to COVID-19
15-06 (21:45)  White House denies report Vatican nixed papal Mass with Biden
15-06 (21:45)  U.S. aircraft carrier strike group in S. China Sea amid tensions with Beijing
15-06 (21:45)  San Francisco shoplifter glides by security with Santa haul in viral video: 'I see this constantly'
15-06 (21:16)  Tina Charles named WNBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week
15-06 (20:45)  Morgan Stanley tells workers to return to office or take pay cut as pandemic eases
15-06 (19:45)  Jon Stewart: Wuhan lab leak denial like rejecting Hershey role in Pa. 'chocolatey goodness outbreak'
15-06 (19:30)  Attorney General Garland: FBI's domestic terror probes up 'significantly' this year
15-06 (19:30)  Biden names new judicial picks, taps voting rights leader for federal circuit
15-06 (19:30)  Larry Hogan ending Maryland's COVID-19 state of emergency
15-06 (19:30)  FBI warns QAnon conspiracy theorists may engage in 'real world violence'
15-06 (19:30)  'No climate, no deal': Progressives threaten bipartisan infrastructure deal
15-06 (19:30)  Joe Biden to confront defiant Vladimir Putin on tally of Moscow's malign actions
15-06 (19:30)  Catholic politicians scrutinized as Biden heads to Vatican
15-06 (19:30)  CDC temporarily banning importation of dogs
15-06 (18:30)  Rhodes College to charge unvaccinated students $1,500 'Health and Safety fee'
15-06 (18:30)  GOP escalates response to Ilhan Omar's comments, calls for removal from House panel
15-06 (18:30)  Top federal watchdog says Joe Biden's border wall halt was legal
15-06 (18:30)  Liz Harrington, former RNC official, hired by Trump as new spokeswoman
15-06 (18:30)  Dems' bill would end 'war on drugs,' legalize possession of everything from weed to heroin
15-06 (18:30)  Emails show Trump, White House aides pressured DOJ over 2020 election fraud claims
15-06 (18:16)  Shelby Houlihan, record-setting American runner, blames pork burrito for positive steroid test
15-06 (17:45)  Arizona attorney general warns Biden DOJ to stay away from election audit
15-06 (17:45)  Lin-Manuel Miranda 'truly sorry' for lack of Afro-Latinos in film 'In the Heights'
15-06 (17:45)  Viswanathan Anand's heirs show future bright for Indian chess
15-06 (17:16)  Michael Phelps 'felt chills' as he watched U.S. Olympic swimming trials as fan
15-06 (16:30)  Mike Pompeo creates advocacy group to help Republicans win Congress in 2022
15-06 (16:30)  Chuck Schumer 'sincerely sorry' after 'retarded children' remark
15-06 (15:30)  Air Force tweaks uniform policy to allow coveralls, camo baseball caps
15-06 (15:30)  U.S. charitable giving hit record $471.44 billion in 2020 amid pandemic, economic turmoil
15-06 (15:30)  House Republicans demand Congress reviews any new Iran nuclear deal
15-06 (14:45)  'Gone Girl' actor Lisa Banes dies 10 days after hit-and-run
15-06 (14:30)  Arizona audit of 2020 election has become a mecca for GOP candidates
15-06 (14:30)  Joe Biden, EU leaders vow to restore relations after Trump tension
15-06 (14:30)  Debt? Modern Monetary Theory says government can have it all
15-06 (14:30)  Biden administration announces plan to combat domestic terrorism
15-06 (14:30)  EU, U.S. reach deal to end Airbus-Boeing trade dispute
15-06 (13:30)  Australia, Britain reach a free trade deal, cut many tariffs
15-06 (12:30)  White House to host July 4 'independence from virus' bash
15-06 (12:30)  Joe Biden looks to ease EU trade tensions ahead of Putin summit
15-06 (11:30)  Bring back Trump to call out China and the Globalists
15-06 (11:30)  Republicans introduce bills to strip federal funds from schools that teach the '1619 Project'
15-06 (11:30)  Joe Biden to NATO: Republican Party is 'vastly diminished' after Jan. 6
15-06 (05:30)  Schwarber goes deep again for Nats in 3-2 win over Pirates
15-06 (04:30)  Arizona election audit hits hand-recount milestone
15-06 (03:30)  Rep. Lauren Boebert Jan. 6 complaint dropped by House Ethics Committee
15-06 (03:30)  Virginia staves off elimination for sixth time to reach College World Series
15-06 (02:59)  Marjorie Taylor Greene sorry for comparing mask mandates, Holocaust after museum visit
15-06 (02:30)  Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO: 'Six months from now, Trump will be our real president'
15-06 (02:30)  Familiarity and respect among coaches left in NHL playoffs
15-06 (01:30)  Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed to D.C. Circuit Court, succeeds Merrick Garland
15-06 (01:30)  Merrick Garland to 'strengthen' rules for seizing lawmakers' records
15-06 (01:30)  Attica Scott, Kentucky Democrat arrested on felony riot charges during protest, sues police
15-06 (00:30)  Biden recommits to NATO as summit brands Russia a 'threat,' addresses China 'challenges'
15-06 (00:30)  Pipeline protesters lose key battle as Minnesota court sides with Enbridge Line 3
15-06 (00:30)  Mike Pompeo has 'high confidence' Wuhan lab is linked to China's military
15-06 (00:30)  Joe Biden protected by news media, voters say
15-06 (00:30)  Republicans propose censure of Ilhan Omar and 'The Squad' for anti-Israel, anti-U.S. rhetoric

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