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16-06 (16:53)  Neill Blomkamp's new horror flick 'Demonic' was conceived as a low budget, found footage project
16-06 (16:24)  Comics Wire: Exclusive - Meet Heavy Metal's 'Female Indiana Jones in space,' Milestone returns, new Aquaman & more
16-06 (04:53)  Atlas: Jennifer Lopez set to save the world from nefarious AI in new Netflix sci-fi thriller
16-06 (04:07)  Artificial DNA could store the 10 trillion gigabytes (and counting) of data on Earth
16-06 (03:24)  F9 behind-the-scenes footage shows big explosions planned out with teeny, tiny Matchbox cars
16-06 (02:07)  Astronomers map over 100,000 stellar nurseries in first-ever cosmic forge census
16-06 (02:07)  'Morbius' co-star Tyrese Gibson says the vampire spinoff is set within the MCU; Sony seems to disagree
15-06 (23:38)  Space Jam! Freeze-dried mouse sperm returns from ISS some six years later to produce healthy 'space pups'
15-06 (22:38)  Get a bucket and some NOS: Music superstar Cardi B confirms 'F9' role in new Fast Saga featurette
15-06 (22:38)  This is the real reason birds are able to take off and fly-but humans are stuck on terra firma
15-06 (21:53)  From Bruce Wayne's Bat-a-wang to Harley Quinn's hot-tubbing, 10 racy moments from the Batman canon
15-06 (21:24)  Nintendo at E3: Samus gets throwback side-scroller in Metroid Dread, new Zelda sequel trailer & more
15-06 (21:24)  Theme Park News: VelociCoaster absolutely rules, but Disney Parks' new mask requirements are concerning
15-06 (21:24)  The CW sets fall premiere dates with Legends of Tomorrow in October, The Flash pushed back to November
15-06 (20:53)  The library is not what it seems in new trailer for Netflix's 'Gunpower Milkshake' with Karen Gillan, Lena Headey
15-06 (20:24)  All of the main Jedi to remember before Wave 2 of Star Wars: The High Republic begins
15-06 (20:24)  First Look: How Kang the Conqueror ditches 'tyrant Pokemon' vibe to find the 'iconic villain' underneath in new Marvel series
15-06 (18:24)  The Sun's temper led to its most epic eruption, but what triggered it?
15-06 (18:24)  Josh Gad and Luke Evans officially reunite for Disney+ 'Beauty and the Beast' prequel series
15-06 (17:24)  Guillermo del Toro's 'Trollhunters' saga comes to an end with epic trailer for final film 'Rise of the Titans'
15-06 (16:24)  Final trailer for 'The Tomorrow War' starring Chris Pratt reveals first look at future alien menace
15-06 (15:24)  How far away are supernovae? Astronomers find a way to tighten measurements
15-06 (00:07)  Creators of animated 'Harley Quinn' series reveal the Batman scene so risqué, DC made them cut it
15-06 (00:07)  Green Lantern (?!) arrives and the Justice Society is splintered in full trailer for 'Stargirl' Season 2
14-06 (22:24)  Scientists are puzzled over why Earth's core keeps growing all lopsided
14-06 (21:24)  'The Tomorrow War' cast teases a time-travel sci-fi epic that's like an animated film come to life: 'It doesn't stop moving'
14-06 (21:24)  Van Helsing recap: Vanessa and Axel fall down a rabbit hole of repression in Season 5, Episode 9
14-06 (20:53)  Jensen Ackles heads to Gotham's underground as the Dark Knight in exclusive clip from 'Batman: The Long Halloween'
14-06 (20:53)  Fear the Walking Dead bosses tease changes to come in Season 7: 'We really are creating a new world'
14-06 (19:53)  Auction winner pays $28 million for out-of-this-world seat on Jeff Bezos space flight
14-06 (18:53)  Mangia! Mangia! The director and cast of Pixar's 'Luca' dish on their favorite Italian meals
14-06 (18:53)  Greenland: One of the pandemic era's biggest sci-fi hits is getting a post-apocalytpic sequel
14-06 (17:24)  Scrapped plot, rogues gallery revealed for 'The LEGO Batman Movie' sequel we'll probably never get to see
14-06 (16:24)  TV THIS WEEK: Luca and Black Summer premiere; new LEGO Masters, Loki, Van Helsing & more
14-06 (15:53)  The Sampson family is torn asunder in first look at next chapter of Image Comics' Jupiter's Legacy saga
14-06 (15:24)  Star formation is beautiful and terrifying
14-06 (02:53)  If Star Wars' X-wings were hydrofoils they'd look like these new electric racers
14-06 (02:24)  Ned Beatty passes away: Superman, The Exorcist II & Pixar star was 83
14-06 (02:24)  Supernova survivor stars are telling us how they got out the inferno alive
14-06 (00:24)  E3 2021 began with a weekend of leaks, reveals, and weird conferences
13-06 (23:24)  Marvel's video game ventures continue with Guardians of the Galaxy
13-06 (22:53)  Guillermo del Toro and Bradley Cooper reveal Nightmare Alley details in their joint Tribeca Talk
13-06 (20:53)  Halo Infinite brings in a new Cortana and goes free-to-play multiplayer
13-06 (20:24)  Box office: 'A Quiet Place Part II' creeps back into top spot; becomes first COVID release to cross $100M in U.S.
13-06 (19:53)  Starfield, Microsoft and Bethesda's new space game, lifts off in November 2022
13-06 (18:24)  Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Anthony Mackie and Carl Lumbly discuss the impact of Isaiah Bradley
13-06 (17:24)  We have mysterious stuff in our chromosomes, and it's definitely not DNA
12-06 (20:24)  The Sweet Tooth creatives reveal how they tackled prosthetics, pandemics and casting surprises
12-06 (18:24)  NASA's Mars rover shares new 2.4 billion-pixel, 360-degree panoramic image from Jezero
12-06 (05:53)  Van Helsing Season 5: Keeya King's Violet goes full badass in teaser for Episode 10
12-06 (01:53)  Report: Jupiter's Legacy beset with pitfalls before, during, and after production
11-06 (23:07)  The Shrekoning: How three events in the mid-2010s marked Shrek's meme evolution
11-06 (21:38)  Netflix closes out Geeked Week with Resident Evil cast reveal, first looks at Splinter Cell, Cuphead & more
11-06 (21:24)  The Witcher: Ciri seeks destiny in fresh Season 2 tease; Netflix tosses coin to first-ever 'WitcherCon' fest
11-06 (20:38)  Yes, there is such a thing as a wandering meatloaf creature with iron teeth
11-06 (20:07)  What if 'Sweet Tooth' was real life? Netflix prank video drops a hybrid into Los Angeles to find out
11-06 (20:07)  Imagine a world with millions of telepaths. J. Michael Straczynski did, and wrote a comic about it
11-06 (19:38)  Like Dracula himself, 'Castlevania' refuses to die with new Netflix anime spinoff on the way
11-06 (19:24)  First look: Dark Horse delivers five haunting mysteries in new 'Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1957' one-shots
11-06 (18:53)  'Monsters at Work' scares up new July premiere date with official trailer for 'Monsters, Inc.' sequel series
11-06 (18:07)  The Week in Gaming: Elden Ring emerges, Ratchet reviews are in, FFVII comes to PS5... and E3 rises again
11-06 (18:07)  Universal Orlando's Jurassic World VelociCoaster is a jaw-dropping theme park thrill & the first of its species
11-06 (18:07)  Black Widow celebrates start of ticket sales ahead of July debut with action-packed new clip
11-06 (17:24)  The greatest clone of them all finally shows up on Star Wars: The Bad Batch
11-06 (17:24)  'See' opens its eyes with thrilling Season 2 trailer; scores early third season renewal from Apple TV+
11-06 (16:38)  You're gonna need to pack an extra diaper for this Rugrats-themed escape room: First look
11-06 (16:24)  Creators behind DC's 'Static: Season One' promise a 'different story' with relaunch of iconic Milestone hero
11-06 (15:53)  NGC 4394: A gorgeous galaxy with a built-in bar
11-06 (05:24)  Jurassic World Evolution 2: First look reveals release date, new narrator...and yes, it's exactly who you hope it is
11-06 (03:24)  Aquaman 2: Director James Wan shares DC's submerged sequel is in production and has a new, majestic title
11-06 (03:24)  The Good Place's Jameela Jamil will be breaking bad as She-Hulk's villainous Titania
11-06 (02:24)  Bruce Campbell introduces Evil Dead: The Game, Ash Williams' first console slasher in forever
10-06 (23:24)  Marvel's Loki is a metafictional odyssey about the pain and joy of being a fictional character
10-06 (23:24)  The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It cut an 'iconic' demon that was destined for a spinoff
10-06 (22:53)  New mega dinosaur species discovered in Australia is one of world's biggest ever found
10-06 (22:53)  Boulders, bicycles, and bigger boats: Steven Spielberg's 21 greatest movie moments, ranked
10-06 (21:53)  Despicable Squee! Even those adorable Minions are big fans of Olympic champion Simone Biles
10-06 (21:24)  'Lord of the Rings' heads back to big screen with animated feature billed as companion to Peter Jackson trilogy
10-06 (20:53)  The scarlet symbiote returns in exclusive first look, intel on Marvel's Extreme Carnage Alpha event
10-06 (20:53)  Netflix: Zack Snyder's Norse mythology series sets cast at Geeked Week Day 4; anime line-up revealed
10-06 (20:53)  It's Ryan Reynolds vs. Taika Waititi in a wild battle for the video game world in final 'Free Guy' trailer
10-06 (20:07)  The next horror franchise from 'The Conjuring' creators lands director for haunted house saga 'LaLaurie Mansion'
10-06 (19:24)  Important Toy News: Team Avatar looks better than ever, WandaVision pins, and more
10-06 (19:24)  Thunder buddies for life! Seth MacFarlane bringing 'Ted' comedy series to Peacock with series order
10-06 (19:24)  MacGruber's Peacock revival adds action movie legends Mickey Rourke, Laurence Fishburne and Sam Elliott
10-06 (18:53)  Critical Role announces 'Exandria Unlimited' campaign, sets new nerdy voice actors to play D&D
10-06 (18:24)  'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' is holding out for a hero in trailer for Kevin Smith's animated Netflix reboot
10-06 (18:24)  Fear the Walking Dead: There's something more terrifying than walkers in exclusive cold open for Season 6 finale
10-06 (18:07)  You can still find Loki at Disney's Avengers Campus, but don't get too close - he's now a prisoner of the TVA
10-06 (16:24)  First wave of striking up-close Ganymede images arrive from NASA's Juno spacecraft
10-06 (15:24)  The rise and rapid fall of the Stingray Nebula
10-06 (01:24)  Jurassic World: Dominion digging up 65-million-year-old 'prologue' to show ahead of IMAX F9 screenings
09-06 (23:24)  What are the year's best comics? Eisner noms led by Image Comics, Chip Zdarsky, Daredevil & more
09-06 (23:07)  Microscopic animals from Siberia's icy permafrost revived after 24,000 years
09-06 (21:24)  Magic: How does it work? The Science Behind 'Now You See Me'
09-06 (21:24)  'Stranger Things 4' brings fresh casting news, set visit to lead third day of Netflix's Geeked Week
09-06 (21:07)  This Week in Genre History: Jurassic Park welcomed us all to a new era of blockbusters
09-06 (21:07)  SYFY's 'The Pride of Chucky Marathon' is here to celebrate Pride Month and scare you silly
09-06 (20:24)  Netflix's expletive-filled blooper reel for 'Lucifer' Season 5 is a hell of a good time
09-06 (20:24)  How does time travel work in Loki? Tom Hiddleston kind of understands

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