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  Popular Mechanics (us)          
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16-06 (15:04)  The Center of the Milky Way Might Not Be a Black Hole After All
15-06 (23:04)  The 8 Best Cheap Cell Phones to Buy Right Now
15-06 (22:47)  The 9 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for Turning Your Backyard Into an Outdoor Spa
15-06 (20:04)  The 31 Tallest Buildings in the World
15-06 (19:47)  A New Space Force Satellite Just Took Off for Space-From a Plane
15-06 (15:04)  The Navy's Railgun Is Finally Dead
15-06 (13:18)  Guy Bluford Has Flown Cessnas, U-2 Spy Planes, and the Challenger Space Shuttle
14-06 (23:33)  The Best Kayak Racks for Your Car or SUV
14-06 (22:47)  Save the Date: Amazon Prime Day 2021 Kicks Off on June 21
14-06 (22:33)  This 'Vegan Spider Silk' Could Replace Most Single-Use Plastics
14-06 (22:33)  The Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe
14-06 (22:04)  5 Steps to a Perfectly Grilled Steak
14-06 (22:04)  This Zero-Gravity Fridge Could Help Hungry Astronauts on the Way to Mars
14-06 (21:18)  What's So Great About Brushless Motor Power Tools?
14-06 (21:18)  The Best Outdoor Speakers to Install on Your Porch
14-06 (15:04)  We Should Abolish the Left Turn, Science Suggests
13-06 (20:04)  Before Top Gun's Maverick, There Were the Real Ace Aggressor Pilots
12-06 (14:18)  This Table for Two Resurrects a Pop Mech Classic
12-06 (13:47)  How to Restore Your Headlights and Make Them Shine Like New
11-06 (22:18)  Magawa, the Explosives-Sniffing Rat Who Uncovered 71 Land Mines, Retires
11-06 (22:18)  Declutter Your Car or SUV With the Best Car Organizers
11-06 (21:33)  The Best Drywall Sanders for Amateurs and Professionals
11-06 (21:18)  Elon Musk Really Wants To Bring Better WiFi to Your Next Flight
11-06 (18:33)  The Best Air Hammers for Powering Through Your Metalworking Jobs
11-06 (16:18)  Tempur-Pedic's New Smart Base Adds Sleep-Tracking Data to Adjustable Beds
11-06 (15:18)  Yes, Scientists Built the World's Smallest Implantable Chip. But Don't Freak Out.
11-06 (15:04)  These Are the 10 Hardest Math Problems That Remain Unsolved
11-06 (00:18)  The Best Margarita Machines on the Market
11-06 (00:04)  In Praise of the Basic Lawn Mower: Troy-Bilt's TB115
10-06 (23:47)  The Best Caulking Guns for Home Maintenance and Repair Projects
10-06 (21:47)  The Best Hex Wrenches for Any Size Project
10-06 (21:33)  New Fighter, Destroyer, or Sub? The Navy Can Only Afford One In 2023.
10-06 (21:33)  The First Two B-21 Bombers Are Nearly Complete-and the Air Force Already Wants More of 'Em
10-06 (21:18)  NASA Just Dropped a Stunning New 360-Degree Video of Mars
10-06 (21:18)  The 9 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans to Keep Your Lounge Space Cool
10-06 (20:33)  Google Pixel Buds A-Series Review: Sleek, Smart, and Affordable True Wireless Earbuds
10-06 (20:04)  Your Child Needs This Portable High Chair for Camping, BBQs, and All Outdoor Activities
10-06 (19:18)  The 9 Best Showerheads to Revamp Your Bathroom
10-06 (16:18)  How Twitter's 'Birdwatch' Tool Will Combat Misinformation
10-06 (15:04)  Some Scientists Believe the Universe Is Conscious
10-06 (03:33)  The 8 Best Portable Washing Machines
09-06 (23:33)  The 10 Best Deep Freezer Chests on the Market
09-06 (23:18)  The 9 Best-Looking Bladeless Fans for Every Room in Your Home
09-06 (22:47)  Ford's New Maverick is a Small, Fuel-Efficient Pickup for the Rest of Us
09-06 (21:33)  The Best Leaf Vacuums for Yard Cleanup
09-06 (20:18)  The Best Dutch Ovens for Every Kind of Cooking
09-06 (14:33)  China's Stealthy New Fighter Just Made an Appearance in the Wild
09-06 (13:47)  America's New Drone Killer Blasts Targets With Stringy Pink Stuff
09-06 (00:18)  The 9 Best Ice Cream Makers for Delicious Homemade Frozen Treats
08-06 (23:18)  The Best Exhaust Fans for Your Home, Garage, or Workshop
08-06 (21:47)  The Best Styluses for Your iPad
08-06 (18:04)  The British Army's New Armored Vehicle Is So Bad, It's Making Soldiers Sick
08-06 (17:47)  The 6 Best Laser Printers for Frustration-Free Pages
08-06 (15:04)  How To Get Started in Fly Fishing
08-06 (14:47)  The Navy Is Officially Building Its Next-Gen Destroyer
08-06 (14:18)  Watch the Navy's Stingray Drone Refuel a Fighter in Midair for the First Time
07-06 (23:33)  The Best Brad Nailer for Trim, Molding, or Small Furniture Tasks
07-06 (23:33)  The Best Trackballs to Make Working on Your Computer Easier
07-06 (23:04)  The Best Cicada Nets to Protect Your Trees and Gardens
07-06 (17:04)  Jeff Bezos and His Brother Are Going to Space
07-06 (15:47)  The Best Framing Nailers for Any of Your DIY Construction Projects
07-06 (15:47)  The 9 Best Magnetic Screen Doors for a Bug-Free, Breezy Summer at Home
07-06 (15:18)  Iran's Largest Warship Mysteriously Caught Fire and Sank
07-06 (14:18)  China's Artificial Sun Just Smashed a Fusion World Record
05-06 (14:18)  An Easy Workbench Anyone Can Build
04-06 (21:18)  So, You Locked Yourself Out of Your iPhone. Now What?
04-06 (20:33)  The Air Force Wants to Drop 100 Tons of Cargo From Space
04-06 (17:47)  The Army's Legendary Little Bird Might Be Flying Away for Good
04-06 (16:33)  The Best Window-Mounted Air Conditioners to Keep You Cool
04-06 (15:18)  Government Says UFOs Aren't American Technology, Can't Rule Out Alien Origins
04-06 (00:33)  The Best Evaporative Coolers for Your Home, Garage, or Patio
03-06 (23:47)  Best Monitor Arms for Your Home Office Setup
03-06 (23:33)  The 10 Best Outdoor Movie Screens for Your Backyard Movie Night
03-06 (23:18)  The 8 Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Safer Listening
03-06 (22:04)  The Best Home Fire Extinguishers to Keep On Hand
03-06 (21:04)  At Long Last, NASA Is Going Back to Venus
03-06 (20:04)  Your Guide to Living Off the Grid
03-06 (18:04)  The Pentagon Just Sent Its Wishlist to Santa (a.k.a. Congress)
03-06 (15:04)  The Age of Aerial Monsters: PM Meets the DC-4 in 1938
03-06 (15:04)  Scientists Say They've Finally Sequenced the Entire Human Genome. Yes, All of It.
03-06 (03:04)  The Five Best Pole Saws for Every Tree-Pruning Job
02-06 (23:33)  The Best Tool Bags to Keep your Tools Safe, Secure, and Organized
02-06 (22:47)  The 30 Most Important Planes of All Time
02-06 (22:04)  The 6 Best Action Cameras for Incredibly Sharp POV Video
02-06 (21:47)  Wait, How Did a Russian Spy Ship Tip Off a U.S. Missile Test?
02-06 (16:04)  Whoops, U.S. Airmen Accidentally Leaked Top-Secret Nuke Locations
02-06 (15:04)  Watch Plastic Waste Become 'Lumber' for Adirondack Chairs
01-06 (23:47)  10 Best PS5 Games You Should Play Right Now
01-06 (23:18)  The 9 Best Apple Watch Bands to Buy Right Now
01-06 (22:33)  Toro's Flex Force 21466 is a Beautiful Lawn Mower
01-06 (22:04)  For the First Time, Drones Autonomously Attacked Humans. This Is a Turning Point.
01-06 (19:18)  The Best Family Tents For Taking the Whole Crew Camping
01-06 (18:33)  This Conspiracy Says Hitler Had a Secret Anti-Gravity UFO-and the U.S. Stole It
31-05 (15:18)  The 15 Most Important Space Missions in History
30-05 (15:04)  How to Get Started in Van Life
29-05 (18:33)  Three Redwood Planter Boxes That'll Take Your Deck to the Next Level
28-05 (15:04)  The New F-15EX Scored Some Kills in Its First Big Wargame
28-05 (15:04)  Texans May Have to Pay $200-$400 Fee for Driving Electric Vehicles
28-05 (14:04)  This Reactor May Have Finally Solved Nuclear Fusion's Biggest Problem
27-05 (23:47)  The Best Post Hole Diggers for Any Size Project

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- 10 best cities for a winter vacation
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- Male style tribes: As lines blur, do they still exist?
- Fallout: 5 countries have now summoned US diplomats
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