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  Wrestling Observer / Figure Four Weekly Online (us)          
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22-09 (21:24)  Observer Preview: A look at the issues WWE faces
22-09 (17:10)  NJPW Road to Destruction results 9-22-15: Six man tag action
22-09 (17:10)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/22): WWF vs. NWA World Title, Andre defeats Hogan
22-09 (10:24)  Wrestling Observer Radio 9/22: Raw report, Sting update, Lucha Underground returning, more!
22-09 (07:10)  Hall of Fame season: The best matches of Akira Taue
22-09 (05:55)  New match announcement for WWE special; plus Dreamer runs in New York
22-09 (05:10)  Lucha Underground renewed for second season (updated)
22-09 (02:10)  Filthy Four Daily 9/21: LUCHA UNDERGROUND BACK, Night of Champions, ROH, Dynamite, tons more!
22-09 (01:55)  Lucha Underground to return for a second season
22-09 (00:41)  Sting to appear on Raw tonight
21-09 (23:41)  MON UPDATE: Sting, ROH TV deals, Jon Jones plea, Nitro week, Kevin Owens
21-09 (23:10)  A look at the issues WWE faces and a realistic look at its popularity in wake of low ratings; The battle for No. 2 in the U.S. pro wrestling market; Why Diaz case is not as simple as it's made out to be
21-09 (23:10)  MON. UPDATE: Latest on Sting, ROH announces new TV deals, Jones plea, NBC to air heavyweight title fight, Nitro week on network, Owens media coverage
21-09 (22:24)  WWE Raw 9/21 Results: Kane returns....again in the fallout from Night of Champions
21-09 (22:10)  FREE TODAY! Wrestling Observer Live 9/21: Sting, Night of Champions, more!
21-09 (20:55)  Hall of Fame season: Kris Zellner looks at Johnny "Mr. Wrestling II" Walker's career
21-09 (15:10)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/21): Crusher defeats Hennig,Windam/Rhodes win WCW Tag Title
21-09 (09:41)  Wrestling Observer Radio 9/21: WWE Night of Champions preview, Sting injury update, tons more!
21-09 (08:24)  Some news updates from WWE: Sting injured, Cena on Emmys, Houston tickets
21-09 (08:10)  After Dark Radio 9/20: Rodney Ascher talks Room 237, sleep paralysis and more!
21-09 (06:55)  Night of Champions feedback
21-09 (06:55)  Some news updates from WWE: Sting, Cena on Emmys, Houston tickets
21-09 (06:41)  Some news updats from WWE: Sting, Cena on Emmys, Houston tickets
21-09 (05:41)  Bryan & Vinny Show 9/20: Night of Champions PPV recap!!
21-09 (02:24)  WWE News: Hell in a Cell main event already announced
21-09 (02:10)  FREE TODAY! Wrestling Observer Big Audio Nightmare 9/20
21-09 (01:10)  WWE Night of Champions 2015 Live Results: Seth Rollins vs Sting & Seth Rollins vs John Cena
21-09 (00:41)  SUN UPDATE: Night of Champions, Brother of Kurt Angle charged with homicide
20-09 (23:55)  After Dark Radio tonight: Sleep paralysis, what was The Shining really all about?
20-09 (23:41)  WWE ratings setting all-time record lows, what's the reason, what can change, Plus the battle for No. 2 in pro wrestling, Punk lawsuit update, detailed look at Diaz situation
20-09 (23:41)  SUN. UPDATE: Night of Champions preview, Homicide in wrestling legends family, Hall of Fame story, History of an incident that preluded the Survivor Series screwjob,
20-09 (22:10)  More weekend big show feedback
20-09 (20:41)  WWE News: Long odds for Night of Champions
20-09 (19:10)  ROH TV tapings report 9-19 San Antonio Next month of TV (updated)
20-09 (18:41)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/20): Flair defeats McDaniel, Gagne beats Von Raschke
20-09 (11:41)  NJPW Road to Destruction results 9-20-15: Eight man tag action
20-09 (11:41)  Wrestling Observer Radio 9/20: Bellator Dynamite 1, Fedor returns, Night of Champions preview, more!
20-09 (09:55)  Hall of Fame: The role of historical influence with The Sharpe Brothers and C.M. Punk
20-09 (06:24)  MMA News - Return of MMA legend on New Year's Eve
20-09 (00:55)  SAT UPDATE: Bellator Dynamite tonight, CMLL IPPV becomes free, & more
19-09 (23:24)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/19): Rude defeats Flair; Grappler defeats DiBiase
19-09 (23:10)  Feedback to ROH & CMLL shows
19-09 (23:10)  State of the union: WWE with ratings setting record lows, and update on the battle for No. 2, what is the future of TNA, ROH, Full details on the Diaz suspension, Punk lawsuit update, Mayweather PPV bomb
19-09 (20:24)  Ring of Honor TV 9/19 results and recap: Briscoes/Goto vs CHAOS (Roppongi Vice/Okada)
19-09 (19:24)  Bellator Dynamite 1 live results and coverage: Liam McGeary vs. Tito Ortiz
19-09 (18:41)  UFC News: Dana White talks Nick Diaz and Fedor
19-09 (17:24)  History of Starrcacde: the complete Observer collection covering every Starrcade from the first to the last
19-09 (12:41)  WWE Night of Champions 2015 Preview & Predictions
19-09 (12:24)  NJPW on AXS report 9-18-15: Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Chase Owens for the NWA Jr. title
19-09 (11:24)  Wrestling Observer Radio 9/19: ROH PPV report, CMLL Anniversary show, Bellator preview, more!
19-09 (03:41)  CMLL 82nd anniversary show live report from Arena Mexico 9-18 Atlantis vs. La Sombra
19-09 (00:55)  Ring of Honor 9/18 All-Star Extravaganza 7 PPV Live results and coverage - Lethal vs O'Reilly
19-09 (00:10)  Bellator Dynamite weigh-in results and live video: Liam McGeary vs. Tito Ortiz
18-09 (23:41)  FRI UPDATE: Big Weekend, two companies look to set records, CTE, Robinson, Owens, new WWE network show
18-09 (23:10)  Issues that have led to ratings setting record lows, TNA Update, Battle for No. 2, Full details on Diaz situation and why it's not as simple as it seems, Punk lawsuit update, PPV flop
18-09 (23:10)  FRI. UPDATE: Preview of one of year's biggest weekends, two companies look to set records, CTE, Robinson, Owens, new WWE network show, Ross
18-09 (22:10)  Wrestling Observer Live 9/18: DALTON CASTLE interview, plus Steve Sims and huge weekend preview!
18-09 (18:55)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/18): Flair pins Dusty, Triple H defeats CM Punk in no DQ
18-09 (17:24)  9/18 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Roderick Strong, Twin Magic, Flying Headscissors, mailbag, more~!
18-09 (10:10)  Bryan & Vinny Show 9/18: Raw from 19 years ago this week, NXT from Full Sail, Granny and more!
18-09 (08:10)  New and Improved DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Hall of Fame ballot and more!
18-09 (06:55)  TNA house show report 9-17 York, PA
18-09 (06:55)  WWE: 9-17 NXT house show in Houston
18-09 (03:55)  What led to WWE setting record low ratings, What is and isn't seasonal about the drop, Battle for No. 2, Full details on Diaz suspension and hearing, and one of year's biggest matches previewed, plus Punk lawsuit updates
18-09 (03:55)  THURS EVE UPDATE: Fedor, Ratings destroyed by CNN, UFC early 2016 big shows, TNA title match, NXT
17-09 (22:10)  Wrestling Observer Live 9/17: RODERICK STRONG talks ROH PPV, plus all the news in wrestling and MMA!
17-09 (19:41)  THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: TNA has first U.S. house show of year, Del Rio debut, USADA responds to Hauser, TNA loses German TV
17-09 (19:24)  FIRST THURSDAY UPDATE: TNA has first U.S. house show of year tonight, Del Rio announcing debut tonight, USADA responds to Hauser article, TNA loses German TV, Belfort accuses Weidman
17-09 (17:10)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/17): Flair wins 1st World Title, Cena defeats Edge in TLC
17-09 (15:10)  WWE NXT: 5 things you might not know about Asuka/Kana
17-09 (09:55)  Wrestling Observer Radio 9/16: TNA future, huge weekend preview, Smackdown, tons more!
17-09 (09:41)  Sep 16 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Just A to Z's!!!! SPECIAL K!!!
17-09 (05:24)  WWE Smackdown 9/17 TV results & recap: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens, Bellabration
17-09 (05:24)  UFC TUF 22: McGregor vs. Faber results & recap for episode 2
17-09 (05:24)  TNA Impact Wrestling 9/16 live TV results: GFW vs. TNA Lethal Lockdown for control of the company
17-09 (03:24)  WWE NXT 9/16 live TV results and recap: Bayley returns, Dusty Classic continues
17-09 (02:55)  WWE News: Total Divas rating drops 30%
17-09 (01:55)  Figure Four Daily 9/16: Lance Storm talks Raw, Night of Champions, retro Raw and Nitro, more!
17-09 (00:24)  WED UPDATE: TNA Finally Confirms Destination America Cancellation, Total Divas ratings drop big, & more
16-09 (23:55)  WED UPDATE: TNA Finally Confirms Destination America Canclellation, Total Divas ratings drop big, & more
16-09 (22:55)  UFC News: Ronda Rousey blasts Nevada commission for handling of Nick Diaz case
16-09 (22:10)  Wrestling Observer Live 9/16: ADAM COLE talks ROH PPV, plus tons of news and more!
16-09 (18:55)  UFC announces February return to London's O2 Arena
16-09 (18:10)  Bob Backlund talks career and writing his book and why he refused to turn heel in 1984
16-09 (17:41)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/16): Harley Race wins Missouri title, Brock Lesnar wins WWE title
16-09 (17:41)  WWE Smackdown spoilers: Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Sheamus
16-09 (07:10)  Bryan & Vinny & Craig Show 9/16: Raw report, Nitro from 19 years ago this week, 96 FALL BRAWL WAR GAMES, more!
16-09 (03:55)  WWF Tuesday Night Titans episode 37 review: Jesse Ventura live from Vegas, Bruno Sammartino, Bobby Heenan
16-09 (03:24)  WWE Raw ratings (9/14) still at low levels
15-09 (23:24)  TUES UPDATE: Hulk Hogan Apology Tour Part 2, former UFC fighter making Evolve debut, & more
15-09 (22:10)  Wrestling Observer Live 9/15: KYLE O'REILLY talks ROH PPV, plus news on Raw, Nick Diaz, more!
15-09 (17:10)  On this date in pro wrestling history (9/15): NWO wins War Games, Hennig wins WCW US Title
15-09 (15:41)  WWE Raw 9/14 live TV results: Sting in action, Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte
15-09 (10:41)  Wrestling Observer Radio 9/15: Nick Diaz suspension, Raw results from Monday, questions and more!
15-09 (06:24)  F4W/WO Customer Survey
15-09 (06:24)  UFC in Australia and WWE in Memphis ticket info
15-09 (04:10)  One of biggest weekends of the year is a week away, plus update on Snuka case, 2015 Hall of fame ballot, Kurt Angle talks future, Battle of Los Angeles postscript
15-09 (02:10)  Filthy Four Daily 9/14: Tom Lawlor on huge weekend, ROH, WWE, Invicta, Nick Diaz, tons more!
15-09 (00:24)  UFC: Nick Diaz suspended for five years
15-09 (00:10)  Diaz suspended for five years

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