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16-06 (14:32)  Mercury is accumulating in deep-ocean trenches
16-06 (14:01)  A guide to living at a black hole
16-06 (12:32)  Polestar picks the US to build its next electric vehicle
16-06 (02:18)  Experts "extremely worried" about Delta variant as US death toll hits 600,000
15-06 (23:18)  Starlink dishes go into "thermal shutdown" once they hit 122° Fahrenheit
15-06 (22:47)  Medieval people suffered for fashion with their extremely pointy shoes
15-06 (22:47)  A DNA-based storage system with files and metadata
15-06 (22:18)  Nintendo deal: Buy a Switch Online Family Membership, get a free 128GB microSD card
15-06 (21:47)  Make way for Windows 11? Windows 10 end-of-life is October 2025
15-06 (21:18)  Apple's podcast subscriptions went live today—with a 30 percent cut
15-06 (20:47)  Everything Nintendo announced in its E3 2021 "Direct" presentation
15-06 (20:18)  Tim Berners-Lee makes an NFT from World Wide Web's Objective-C
15-06 (20:18)  ZFS fans, rejoice—RAIDz expansion will be a thing very soon
15-06 (19:18)  New trailer shows first gameplay footage for Breath of the Wild sequel
15-06 (19:18)  BMW finds its mojo again with the $55,400 i4 electric sedan
15-06 (19:18)  Metroid Dread brings Nintendo's classic back as a 2D sequel on October 8
15-06 (18:47)  US warns EU against anti-American tech policy
15-06 (18:47)  Health care CEOs raked in $3.2 billion as pandemic raged
15-06 (18:18)  OnePlus announces the 90 Hz, $240 "Nord N200" for North America
15-06 (00:01)  Todd Howard is finally ready to share some Starfield details
15-06 (00:01)  Google's unified Gmail interface (and Google Chat) launches for everyone
14-06 (23:01)  Halo Infinite multiplayer news: Bots, split-screen, free-to-play clarified
14-06 (22:32)  The Apple Watch Series 7 will have a new design, report says
14-06 (22:01)  Pai's legacy lives on for now as Biden fails to nominate Democrat to FCC
14-06 (21:32)  Judge slams hospital staff for comparing COVID vaccine mandate to Nazi crimes
14-06 (20:32)  Chip shortages lead to more counterfeit chips and devices
14-06 (20:01)  We have another highly effective COVID vaccine, based on different tech
14-06 (19:32)  Five new bills aim to break up Big Tech platforms, force them to play nice
14-06 (17:32)  Beats Studio Buds review: Apple earbuds that don't leave Android in the dark
14-06 (17:32)  Hands-on: Echo Show 8 is like a tablet grafted onto a smart speaker
14-06 (17:01)  Metals from space descend on Boulder, Colorado, at dusk and dawn
14-06 (17:01)  The CEO and CFO of Lordstown Motors both just resigned
14-06 (14:32)  Raiders of the Lost Ark turns 40, and it's still an unqualified masterpiece
14-06 (14:01)  The Ars Technica Father's Day 2021 gift guide
14-06 (05:47)  16 games to keep an eye on from Sunday's E3 2021 trailer showcases
13-06 (22:01)  Every trailer and announcement from Microsoft and Bethesda's E3 showcase
13-06 (21:32)  Starfield reveal: Coming November 11, 2022, exclusively to PC, Xbox Series X/S [UPDATED]
13-06 (21:01)  Ticket for space flight with Jeff Bezos is auctioned for $28 million
13-06 (21:01)  Three experts resign as FDA advisers over approval of Alzheimer's drug
12-06 (22:18)  Ubisoft at E3: Mario Rabbids sequel, Rainbow Six: Extraction, more
12-06 (20:18)  The best discounts from Xbox's "Deals Unlocked" E3 2021 sale
12-06 (15:18)  Here are a bunch of iOS 15 features that Apple didn't mention earlier
12-06 (14:18)  How to protect species and save the planet—at the same time
12-06 (01:18)  CD Projekt Red does an about-face, says ransomware crooks are leaking data
11-06 (23:47)  NY can't force ISPs to offer $15 low-income broadband plans, judge rules
11-06 (22:01)  MySQL 101: Installation, care, and feeding on Ubuntu
11-06 (21:32)  AT&T CEO seems confident industry can kill Biden's municipal broadband plan
11-06 (21:32)  Kena: Bridge of Spirits hands-on premiere: As good as "Legend of Pikmin" sounds
11-06 (19:32)  British veterans set a new hypermiling record of 9.14 miles per kWh
11-06 (18:32)  Amazon, eBay fight legislation that would unmask third-party sellers
11-06 (18:01)  Google Chrome ends its war on address bar URLs—for now, at least
11-06 (17:32)  Tesla takes aim at upstarts with 390-mile range, 200 mph Model S Plaid
11-06 (14:32)  Rocket Report: Vandals spray-paint Buran; China to launch first crew in 4 years
11-06 (14:01)  Trace fossils, the most inconspicuous bite-sized window into ancient worlds
11-06 (12:32)  Android 12's beautiful color-changing UI already lives up to the hype
11-06 (00:01)  Review: Our favorite trickster god is charismatic as ever in Loki premiere
10-06 (23:32)  Some people can't get FCC subsidy because "Street" isn't the same as "St."
10-06 (22:32)  Elden Ring shows off first gameplay footage, confirmed for Jan. 2022
10-06 (22:01)  Biggest health insurer plans to deny ER bills if it doubts you had an emergency
10-06 (22:01)  Dark Sky's API, iOS app, and web app will all stop working next year
10-06 (21:32)  The Anacrusis: Left 4 Dead + sci-fi + persistent AI, coming to PC, Xbox this fall
10-06 (20:32)  EA source code stolen by hacker claiming to sell it online
10-06 (19:01)  GameStop stock falls sharply amid 5M-share sales plan, SEC investigation
10-06 (18:32)  Facebook is a hub of sex trafficking recruitment in the US, report says
10-06 (18:32)  Google to stop treating EU antitrust remedy as a "promotional opportunity"
10-06 (18:01)  Mystery malware steals 26M passwords from millions of PCs. Are you affected?
10-06 (17:32)  Keystone XL pipeline canceled after Biden scraps US permit
10-06 (16:32)  Self-driving Waymo trucks to haul loads between Houston and Fort Worth
10-06 (15:32)  NASA doesn't need to test SLS anymore, but the Senate mandates it anyway
10-06 (15:32)  Xbox unveils cloud-centric strategy: New hardware, servers, regional plans
10-06 (14:32)  Physicists find "definitive evidence" of mechanism behind brightest auroras
10-06 (00:32)  These macOS Monterey features won't work on Intel Macs
10-06 (00:01)  Fastly broke the Internet for an hour this morning
09-06 (23:01)  What would you pay for autonomous driving? Volkswagen hopes $8.50 per hour
09-06 (22:32)  Don't look now, but GameStop stock is approaching record highs again
09-06 (21:32)  The world is rocked by the arrival of aliens in Invasion teaser trailer
09-06 (21:01)  Record labels sue another ISP, demanding mass disconnections of Internet users
09-06 (20:32)  Hospital suspends 178 health care workers for failing to get COVID vaccine
09-06 (18:32)  Bitcoin now legal tender in El Salvador, first nation to adopt cryptocurrency
09-06 (18:01)  Google kills its augmented reality "Measure" app
09-06 (17:18)  Battlefield 2042 will host 128-player combat on PC, next-gen consoles Oct. 22
09-06 (16:01)  Lordstown Motors warns its electric vehicle business may fail
09-06 (15:32)  RTX 3070 Ti review: Nvidia leaves the GPU fast lane (for now)
09-06 (14:18)  Hackers can mess with HTTPS connections by sending data to your email server
09-06 (01:47)  A "disgraceful decision:" Researchers blast FDA for approving Alzheimer's drug
09-06 (00:47)  Spurred by Clarence Thomas, Ohio AG wants Google declared a public utility
08-06 (23:18)  Pick up a recommended pair of Anker noise-canceling headphones for $60
08-06 (23:18)  Buried features: There's more to macOS Monterey than the keynote let on
08-06 (21:32)  Apple TV's summer preview includes tantalizing glimpses of Foundation series
08-06 (21:18)  Branson may make a last-ditch effort to beat Bezos into space
08-06 (20:01)  FBI sold phones to organized crime and read 27 million "encrypted" messages
08-06 (20:01)  Google's revamped Wear OS sounds like a clean break from the old version
08-06 (19:01)  Amazon and Walmart try—again—to upend prescription drug prices
08-06 (19:01)  Playdate, the console with a crank, gets July preorder for $179, game details
08-06 (18:32)  The WF-1000XM4 is Sony's noise-canceling answer to the AirPods Pro
08-06 (18:01)  Solar farms could double as pollinator food supplies
08-06 (16:18)  Review: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart doesn't reinvent the franchise—and that's OK
08-06 (15:18)  Relativity has a bold plan to take on SpaceX, and investors are buying it
08-06 (15:18)  Ford builds an affordable, efficient small truck: The new Maverick
08-06 (13:18)  Nvidia and Valve are bringing DLSS to Linux gaming... sort of

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